Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Roger Corman's "Cyclops" on Sci Fi This Saturday Night!

I'm always up for a good monster, and the Sci Fi Channel loves them, too. Most of their original movies seem to have a CGI beast or two lurking about, and this week legendary movie producer Roger Corman brings us Cyclops -- ferocious, one-eyed and a cannibal, to boot! Cyclops -- "The Rise of the the Fall of Rome" so sayeth the ads, stars Eric Roberts as Emperor Tiberius, Kevin Stapleton as Marcus, a Roman soldier, and Swedish beauty Frida Farrell as an alluring barbarian warrioress.

Cyclops looks to be, if not quite the quality of HBO's Rome exactly, a toga-filled romp with a monster who looks pretty scary. (I shudder to think what he's packing in that loincloth -- talk about formidable!)

I am going to recommend this one on the basis of nothing else except my firm belief that you can't have too many monsters!

Here's an extended trailer -- I hope it's not ALL the good parts!:

And here's a shorter promo --

Cyclops premieres on the Sci Fi Channel this coming Saturday, December 5th, at 9pm!

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