Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's the End of the World --Almost -- on The Science Channel!

Oh my goodness! Saw a wonderful special on The Science Channel last Sunday evening, and it looks like it will be repeated this coming Monday Sept. 10th at 9am -- not sure whether this is Eastern time or what, but you need to figure it out and record this!

It's called "Super Comet" and it's all about what would happen if a comet collided with the earth today. Two hours long, it's chockful of well-done dramatic sequences interspersed with, best of all, real scientists offering the grim facts behind the dramatics. Naturally, the scientists are the best part of the show -- god, it's so wonderful seeing amazingly smart people on TV talking about what they know -- but the fictional sequences are pretty good, too.

You can run and you darn well better hide if a comet comes a'callin' here on Earth -- whew, it won't be a nice place afterwards. For me, one of the most eerie and telling moments is when a scientist who specializes in analyzing human reactions to disasters talks about how people simply cannot fathom the level of destruction that would result from such a thing. The mind can't wrap itself around the utter annihilation which lies ahead. And of course it's one of those inevitable things that's going to happen to our little planet one of these days.

"Super Comet" was fascinating and completely riveting. I highly recommend that you record and watch it. Unless apocalyptic futures don't float your boat, of course...

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Jane said...

I am now and have always been utterly fascinated by apocalyptic predictions, particularly when they are accompanied by heavy duty science. Tsunamis and other natural disasters are endlessly interesting, but nothing beats a comet for sheer, mind blowing, "end of the world as we know it" disaster. We will have to look for this special!