Sunday, June 29, 2014

Feel like Feasting on "The Leftovers" Tonight on HBO?

HBO's major post-Game of Thrones series premieres tonight at 10pm -- the TV adaptation The Leftovers from creators Damon Lindelof (Lost) and The Leftovers novel author Tom Perrotta.  The log-line goes something like this:  In an instant 2% of the world's population disappears and everybody else is left behind to figure out what it all means.  Was it the religious rapture?  A scientific anomaly? And now that it whatever it was has happened, what are the rest of Earth's inhabitants supposed to do about it?

Questions indeed, and with Lindelof one of the folks at the helm we can expect no simplistic explanations or neat plotting.  This is going to be a convoluted...mess, we hope not, and initial reviews drifting in are hopeful at least that The Leftovers will continue to offer a tasty TV experience for weeks to come.

If the mysterious premise doesn't grab you, I'd say that the artistic provenance might be enough to keep you tuning in.  On paper at least it looks great with intriguing stars:  the multi-talented Justin Theroux whose dark good looks are merely the eye-candy frosting on a very talented writer-producer-actor who's always interesting to watch; actress-writer-producer Amy Brennerman, a bright and committed lady who is a match for Theroux in the accomplishment department; former Dr. Who Chris Eccleston and the bewitchingly lovely Liv Tyler, headlining a large cast telling this epic story.

Here's a trailer for the show:

And here's another slightly longer one:

For some ideas of some of the early buzz about the show, check these sources out by clicking on the embedded links:  from Brian Lowry at Variety: The Huffington Post; Salon; USA Today; The Hollywood Reporter; and from the Metacritic website you can get an even broader idea of how things are looking before the show actually hits air tonight at 10pm.

Some aficionados are still fuming, it seems, over the ambiguous/confusing/unsatisfying ending of Lindelof's Lost four years ago.  Different show, different premise, different network, very different TV environment.

Check out HBO's The Leftovers website for more background information on the series and its participants.

The Leftovers premieres tonight at 10pm eastern on HBO.

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