Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting in the Mood with "Mad Men" -- Did it Live Up to the Hype?

After watching the  Season 6 opener of AMC's Mad Men last night, let's take a look at a selection of promos.  These were designed to give us the proper mise en scene for enjoying the series, for there is no other show out there that is so focused -- perhaps obsessed -- on getting the whole package pitch perfect as a prerequisite for ingesting the content.  It's not just about getting the hairdos correct, it's the right glances and stances that makes Mad Men such a world unto itself. 

So here are a few looks at what we saw in the 2-hour episode and will see in weeks beyond --

This last one is especially neat, as it's from SkyAtlantic, so it's deliciously different than what we get here in the United States.

Share your thoughts on last night's Mad Men!

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Jane said...

I'm still digesting it and trying to figure out what I think. First of all...never watch a two hour Mad Men after a one hour East Coast feed for Game of Thrones. The fast pace of GOT followed by the langorous, almost dream like pace of Mad Men is like hitting a brick wall. Secondly, the Don Draper character is disintegrating, and it's like nobody even notices. Finally, duh...of course I loved it. I can't help but love a show that has such attention to 1960's detail. Glad you're asking everyone to weigh in on the Nose!