Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall TV Preview: What You Can Watch on Monday Night

Monday Night Broadcast Network Line-ups

As we continue our look at the new season, you can catch the premieres of Fox's The Mob Doctor tonight at 9pm -- we will diagnose the series in our Fox analysis coming later today -- and of NBC's Revolution at 10pm, which we wrote about yesterday.  CBS' Partners (more on that soon also) debuts next Monday.

Here's a good question -- what day of the week do you think the TV week begins on?  Back in the day, TV Guide was my bible and I devoured it cover to cover.  Now, we're talking decades ago before navigating the television universe was a combination of hit and miss, careful planning, and just plain luck in stumbling on something good to watch.  You could actually manage to read about the coming week's viewing choices, back when there were mere handfuls of channels, stations and networks and not hundreds of them.  The weekly TVG edition began on Saturday, somewhat unconventionally but I'm sure to get people to buy the magazine before the local newspapers' various weekly TV guides came free in the Sunday edition.

So if you went by your newspaper, you started your TV week on Sunday.  After working for so long in broadcast and cable television, my television week always started on Monday and ended with the weekend. However, the big premieres usually hit on Sundays, mainly because we could give them a bang-up lead-in with a strong Sunday daytime and afternoon line-up of high-rated movies, a terrific place to place promos for the evening's event.  Discovery Channel starts their Shark Week on Sunday night, too.

I'm going with Monday as the start of the TV week.  Perhaps more pertinent is what week is the official start of the TV season.  This week is generally considered to be the 2012 official beginning, though NBC sprinkled some of their new show debuts as far back as August to ride the Olympics wave, and ABC and CBS are waiting until next week.

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