Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DWTS: Lucky Remaining 7 Trip the Light Fantastic

A glittering gaggle of singing nuns from the musical "Sister Act" kicked off this week's Dancing with the Stars episode, as the final 7 remaining contestants danced to songs from Broadway shows. Is there anything more delightful than a bunch of sparkling nuns whooping it up on stage? It certainly set the bar pretty high last night. Maybe too high, as this particular episode lacked some of the "wow" moments that have had tongues wagging around the water cooler in past weeks. Do people still huddle around a water cooler at work anymore? Probably not. Maybe they are standing around a microwave, heating their Lean Cuisines and weeping because nobody is allowed to go out to lunch anymore.

Nancy Grace skipped along fetchingly to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from "Spamalot". She faced the judges to get her highest score ever, even while sporting some bright red lipstick on her teeth and nose. Hey! This is live television folks. Well, sort of...at least for the viewers on the East Coast. There has already been a visible wardrobe malfunction this season and (no easy way to say this) audible moment which most pundits agree might have been flatulence. That's the kind of thing that keeps bloggers in business ladies and gentlemen. I would also like to say at this time that I am transfixed by Nancy Grace's dancing partner Tristan. He has a charming Irish lilt and steely command when he is forced to lift Ms. Grace's ample sequined form off the ball room floor.

Rob Kardashian danced to a song from "Jersey Boys" last night and David Arquette did a quickstep from "Grease". Both did an OK job, but were not particularly memorable.

Hope Solo tried a number from "Rent" and Chaz Bono looked dashing as the Phantom from "Phantom of the Opera". Both received abyssmal scores from the judges. They really have it in for Hope. I don't see why, she's not that bad. However, she didn't really do anything to distinguish herself and I fear that tonight she might have to go back to being a soccer superstar with gazillion dollar endorsements. It's so sad.

As usual both J.R. ("Chicago") and Ricki Lake (Guys and Dolls..."Luck be a Lady Tonight") were at the top of the leader board getting 9's and 10's from the judges. J.R. practically floated across the stage, he's a modern day Kelly or Astaire. I love how he makes movement seem so effortless. Ricki was captured doing an excellent Norma Desmond impression, which I am featuring here.

The show ended as it started, with plenty of sizzle. All seven couples danced a group routine to "Money Makes the World Go Round" from Cabaret. My beloved witty Carson returned to offer bon mots during their rehearsal. There was no shortage of enthusiasm, as Monopoly money was flung about the stage with wild abandon. I'm taking it as a nod of endorsement to the brave men and women who are Occupying Wall Street!

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Lisa said...

Wonderful assessment, and I loved the clip, particularly as "Money Makes the World Go Around" is one of my favorite sassy and sage showtunes! I agree about the shout-out to "Occupy Wall Street"!

They sure like it when the ladies get tossed on their heads and upended, don't they? Seems like there is some true joy going on there and that's a rare thing on TV these days!

Terrific post, Jane!