Monday, September 19, 2011

63rd Annual Emmy Awards Had a Few Good Moments

It was a night of expected (cringe worthy musical numbers) and unexpected (Charlie Sheen clear eyed and sober...wait, what?). It was the best award ceremony ever for women who are not size 2 and men who are not 6'2. It had laughs from hilarious host Jane Lynch, and tears for those actors who are no longer with us as Leonard Cohen's hypnotic anthem "Hallelujah" was sung in the back ground.

The 63rd Annual Emmy Award ceremony aired on FOX Sunday night and it had something for everyone, including a large infusion of Hollywood greats (like Kate Winslet and Martin Scorcese) the likes of which wouldn't have been caught dead slumming in the vast wasteland of television 20 years ago. Guess what? TV is cool now, with just as much quality and star power (sometimes more) than motion pictures. Any given episode of "Mad Men" is just as fabulous as something you have to buy a ticket for, and it won Best Drama again last night.

I loved seeing Leonard Nimoy as Mr. President of Television in the opening segment and I thought it was great when Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly) was crowned pageant style with a tiara by her fellow nominees for Best Comedy Actress. This was her year, as everybody who saw Bridesmaids knows she stole the show there too. Also -- as the world's 2nd biggest Game of Thrones fan (my son is #1), I was thrilled to see Peter Dinklage win for his breakout role as Tyrion Lannister. He was so shocked to win he charmingly thanked his dog sitter along with his manager.

The musical number spoofing Michael Bolton and his over the top angst filled ballads was so exquisitely weird, it will probably go viral on YouTube. Worth watching if only to see the blue spandex back up singers. Here, let's help it go there. Sorry, I wish the quality could be better...

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