Friday, July 29, 2011

Nose-Talgia: The Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana: July 29, 1981

Thirty years ago.  Oh, boy, we all were a lot younger then, but I know that many of us can still remember getting up and watching the whole Royal Wedding proceedings on TV.  There were viewing parties everywhere, and even today, three decades after the event, it's still possible to look at this bit of recent history and almost forget the tumultuous path from the storybook then to the more realistic now.  July 1st of this year would have been the 50th birthday of Diana, and we can enjoy her 20-year-old loveliness and innocence in wedding footage much as we might enjoy our own home movies, with sentiment and possibly a tad of regret for time passed by so swiftly.

Here's a short segment of Royal Wedding coverage from that day, to remind you of what we all stopped everything for -- and it was worth it.

LIFE magazine has a terrific set of photos up on their site of Charles and Diana on their wedding day, and we highly recommend taking a few minutes to look back.  The recent wedding of their son William to Kate Middleton was lovely, but to many of us it was a pale deja vu of 1981.

If you've become incoherently nostalgic, we can also highly recommend the entire proceedings on YouTube, with many thanks to user BenBronxNYY, who has twelve segments of wedding coverage up, in great quality, too.  You might also like to take a look at the BBC's ON THIS DAY page which recounts the wedding and also has other info about Charles and Diana, including some historical context.

It's not often that you can remember exactly what you were doing on a certain day, beyond vague generalities.  But for July 29, 1981, there's no doubt at all.

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