Friday, May 13, 2011

Networks Starting to Unveil Fall Pick-ups for Upfront Week!

The Flaming Nose is busy sniffing out the latest news coming out as the broadcast network announce their plans for next TV season! 

Although the Upfront is officially next week, tidbits of tantalizing info are trickling in -- Wonder Woman evidently won't be swinging her lariat, at least not on NBC...Ashton Kutcher (above) is in for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men (not a bad choice at all but I hate the series nonetheless, however he's a guy after my own heart, read his take on the possible coming end of the world! ) -- and we await all the official announcements coming out after the weekend.

NBC and Fox are up on Monday, ABC on Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday, and CW on Thursday, with other smaller nets sprinkled in-between.  Are you rooting for anything in particular?  Glee-ful viewers may enjoy Smash on NBC (already announced pick-up) from Steven Spielberg, about the making of a Broadway musical.  Considering the Tony Awards are about the lowest-rated award show around, we're not so sure that America is panting for a Great White Way-set musical drama, but who thought Glee would work, either? 

Tons of fun on the way and we hope you'll be here with us for it all!  Expect our NBC and Fox early assessments on Monday!

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