Friday, May 6, 2011


I admit I had always favored the original recipe version of CSI, but once the character of Gil Grisson left the series I began to find myself fading further and further from viewing the CBS program as must see television.

CSI: Miami has the worst acting of any major show on the air at the moment (outside of the truly awful N.C.I.S), but I enjoy the completely over the top interpretation that David Caruso delivers. The other plus of the Miami show is the color palette. The show is so true to its Miami roots (even though it is shot in Southern California) that it is a pretty show. It's lighter on all levels than the Las Vegas brand.

CSI: New York was always my least favorite, even though Gary Sinise is one of the best actors of the last 25 years. Adding Sela Ward to the cast this year was near genius. Her stunning beauty (though, unfortunately, she clearly caved into cosmetic or plastic surgery) and her strength of character (as an actor) matched beautifully with Sinise and they have genuine chemistry.

The show has had some relatively unique plots this season, but tonight is one of the highlights. Peter Fonda returned for a second straight week to play a former partner of Sinise's. This Fonda was always the weakest link in the acting dynasty, but in recent years his performances have proved his wide range and his great depth. Fonda was so good in this double pump he should get his own show. This is what talent is. Talent will out.

I do hope more work will be coming his way. At 72, he has not only aged well (putting on weight helped here), he has managed to be even more personable and charismatic than ever before.

Networks - listen up - Peter Fonda should get a pilot. A good pilot that gets picked up for series!


Lisa said...

Spot-on assessment of Peter Fonda -- and he'd be great in a series! I've never watched any of the CSI series but was tempted with Sinise but I just can't get into the stilted dialogue and all that. But generally good casts make them appealing, for sure! I *would* take a look at something with Fonda, though!

Anonymous said...

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