Friday, April 15, 2011

David Cook... and Other Idol News

First, a brief recap of last night's results show, which followed a night of excellent performances. The theme was "Music from the Movies."

Paul McDonald went home. His odd movements and very specific sound just didn't cut in the Idoldome. I'm not sorry. He piqued my interest in the early weeks but eventually got on my nerves - to the point where I fast forwarded my DVR when he performed. His movements and Macy Gray-sounding voice just wasn't my cuppa.

Haley and Casey did an amazing job on their duet. Casey won't last much longer (again, too specific sounding and jazz does not take Idol), but I love him. I think the days are numbered for this duo.

Jacob Lusk baffles me. I think it will come down to Scotty, James and Lauren. Stefano, to me, is like Jason Castro in season 7 - he has stellar performances and nights when he bombs. In the end, I see a 4th place finish for him followed by a record deal. The right people can mold Stefano into a pop star.

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean performed their duet "Don't You Wanna Stay," and let me tell you, I DID wanna stay. Clarkson shows us why the first is often the best. She looked relaxed and happy and sang flawlessly. See and hear for yourself:

Okay, onto my Cookie crumbs. Except we have more of an entree of information here!

RCA records announced this morning that David Cook's sophomore album, titled This Loud Morning, will drop on Tuesday, June 28th. The lead single, "The Last Goodbye," co-written by David and hitmaker Ryan Tedder (One Republic), drops next Tuesday, April 19th, on iTunes. You can pre-order the album at that time on iTunes as well. You can also preorder the album right now on David's website, and get a free download of David's cover of "Don't You (Forget About Me)," which is this year's Idol "exit song."

David will perform "The Last Goodbye" on the Idol results show next Thursday (4/21). Katy Perry is the other guest performer.


ljrTR said...

I mainly keep up with Idol for David Cook, but Paul really irritated me. got an "I am too cool for this show" vibe from him - which, no. doesn't fly.
Loving all the Cookie news - Ellen show appearance has popped up!

Lisa said...

Thanks for another great synopsis and critique of AI!