Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't forget -- HBO's "Mildred Pierce" Begins Tonight!

The Flaming Nose featured a preview of this new HBO miniseries earlier this month; please click here to read Judith's sneak peek at the Kate Wintslet-starring five-hour production. Judith was impressed, and we're eager to take a look at this talented actress' -- and talented director Todd Haynes' -- take on the Depression-era woman's rags-to-riches saga.

That was the terrific Hope Davis with Winslet in the scene above; she's always interesting to watch. If you're interested in comparing various critical assessments of the mini, you might enjoy visiting the MetaCritic site for Mildred Pierce, where reviews are aggregated and it's easy to get a fast overall idea of the buzz. We won't tell you how it's going, but the important thing is to watch and judge for yourself. We like the idea, we like the actress, we like the time period, we like the location -- we like a lot about this -- and can't wait to catch it tonight.

HBO's Mildred Pierce premieres tonight with Parts One and Two from 9pm - 11pm, with Part Three on April 3rd, and Parts Four and Five on April 10th, with many encores of each and five-hour MP marathons on April 22nd and April 23rd -- plenty of chances to catch this one! Check the HBO Mildred Pierce site for all specific scheduling information.

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Suzi said...

Wish I had cable so I could watch this. Guess I will have to catch it later on DVD.