Monday, February 28, 2011

Kardashian's Are Worth $65 Million

In the midst of the Oscar hoopla and the Charlie Sheen madness (and I do mean madness, clearly, there is something wrong with him) the last few weeks of entertainment news has been either beyond dull or relatively non-existent. One story that popped up on my radar; and it only popped once and if it hadn’t been for Comcast I wouldn’t know about it. The story: the Kardashian family made sixty five million dollars last year. Yes, that is what has been reported. Stop right now – literally, stop right now – and think about this.

I don’t like to do snide commentary, but this is so appalling to my heart, soul and mind that I had to pull out my inner Dennis Miller and rant about it. Can you imagine living in a world where these “entertainment” folks make this kind of money? Well, we do. Please don’t get me wrong since I’m a bona fide capitalist with do-gooder intentions, but non-Socialist tendencies. These folks (they would never think of themselves as folks, but that’s why I’m writing/saying it) have absolutely no reason to be making anything off of the world of show business. There are three sisters in the act with Kim being the queen bee of the sisters. The mother manages to get her dirty laundry out there as well; and I guess the now non-nosed Bruce Jenner (stepdad to the three non-acting, non-singing, non-dancing, non-comedic sisters) doesn’t even fit into this $65 million total. What happened to him? This was the man who so poetically ran around the track with flag in hand during the Bicentennial year of the United States of America! Now he’s shilling for the E Channel. I feel dirty watching the channel’s programming (outside of their inane coverage of Awards programming and whenever they put Joan Rivers on the air).

I subscribe to a wide variety of magazines and I admit I still subscribe to some of the celebrity tabloids. We all have our shallow and superficial sides. The celebrity rags are great at the gym. Absolutely fantastic for the elliptical. I just turn pages to look at photos while I’m pumping my gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. I do not have to think for one second and that is the reason why I like the tabloids. I also get some relatively worthwhile style and beauty tips and it sort of keeps me young. If you don’t read these tabloids you would have absolutely no idea that in some world (our present world) people like Leighton Meister, Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson matter.

The Kardashian girls are my worst nightmare. They exude the philosophy that sex will empower you. It doesn’t. “Sex and the City” changed our world and not for the better. When I was coming of age the characters of Mary Richards and Pepper (well, they tried, but the name kind of bottoms it all out) Anderson were the television role models. They were strong, smart and independent. I’m not being old school and even if I were we could use a bit of old school back in our societal clutch. Women today, particularly young women lean on the notion that hooking up with as many men as possible will empower them. Again, it doesn’t. It ultimately throws you to the ground with a burdensome self-loathing and lack of self-esteem. It causes high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional toll is too much for any one human to bear – male or female. What are we teaching our daughters? Be like the men used to be. Noticehow I say “used to be.” Young women today want to shag and shop. If they aren’t shagging and shopping, then they are not showering and wearing pajama bottoms to the grocery store. When did everyone become a bona fide slob?

This sister act possesses no talent. They don’t sing, act, dance, tell jokes, but they do shed clothing when they can, although they do it without any sensuality displayed. Remember, Kim Kardashian’s sexless turn on “Dancing with the Stars?” Florence Henderson and Cloris Leachman exuded as much sex appeal as Miss Kardashian displayed. I’m not joking. It’s T&A without any sense of self. Women know when other women have it. Kathleen Turner in “Body Heat” had it. Angelina Jolie in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” had it (much to Jennifer Aniston’s dismay). Rita Hayworth in “Gilda” had it. Ann-Margret in just about anything from the 1960's. Watch "The Swinger." You get my point.

I always recall the clip of Kim Kardashian saying how honored she was to be offered the opportunity to appear in Playboy. Where is Betty Friedan? Gloria Steinem? Shirley Chisholm? Can you imagine a woman saying this? What happened to the women’s movement? There was a time they protested porn shops and strip joints. Not today. Today, you have women’s magazines suggesting to women that a good way to make a few extra bucks is to take on exotic dancing as a side job. Yes, this is straight out of a woman’s magazine that I cancelled the day after this issue arrived. I told them why I was canceling and they didn’t care. Just didn’t care.

The Kardashian’s are laughing all the way to the literal bank. They are attaching their names to diet products, clothing lines, perfumes. These women/girls have no talent and yet here we are sitting in a beaten down economic environment and they are reaping rewards for their bad girl behavior. We need a whole new crop of women to rise up and say hell no, we don’t want to do this anymore. These are not the women who will be our role models.

Unfortunately, I fear and suspect that will not happen. Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame and between the multitude of sleazy chicks on “The Bachelor,” the caricatures of mean women on all of those goofy housewife shows and the glorification of unwed women with babies in their arms this clearly AIN’T gong to happen.

When the Kardashian girls are no longer popular sellers for the celebrity rags we will get a new crop of bad girls. More will no doubt come straight out of Hugh’s house (oh wait, he’s marrying one of them). Wake up women. Of course, by then, the Kardashian’s will be worth $120 million and none of them will ever have to work again.

One good note is that everyone seems to be making fun of them. Within the last couple of months four programs had storylines scoffing at the Kars, including “Saturday Night Live.” Maybe we’ll get lucky and with enough people making fun of them they will become the non-political Sarah Palin’s of our world. Having ended this on that note, Sarah Palin is better looking and she’s way brighter; and that’s a tough thing to have to say.


Jane said...

They are the poster girls for the "dumbing down" of America. Thank God they are at least not blond. Great rank Judith!

Lisa said...

And to think that America once made fun of the Gabor sisters for being famous -- those ladies were M.I.T. profs compared to the low-class bimbos personified by the Kardashians. Sad, shocking...pathetic. I can't help but think they are a great example of the decline of America. Surely this great nation can do better than them! Great rant, Judith, and hurrah for your cancellation of the magazaine!

Jane said...

I just added some pictures of the girls who are setting back feminism a good 50 years. Watch...our traffic will probably triple.

Lisa said...

What's so unfortunate is that these girls were brought up with strong Armenian-American immigrant values. Though it's unfortunate that their father was involved in the O.J. murder defense (long-time friends, they were), he clearly was a man of learning and probably wouldn't have wanted his kids to pimp themselves out as they have. (But then again, he was defending a murderer...).

So this clan worse than Paris Hilton? Hard to say. All are being rewarded for their capitulation to the worse impulses -- greed, stupidity, sluttish-ness -- and the joke is clearly on the public for buying into this dirty business and paying any hard-earned cash into supporting these sleazy enterprises.

Things must be really bad out there, bad in a way that we ladies of the previous generation never imagined, for women to think that falling back into traditionally exploitative (though probably lucrative) professions (strippers, etc.) is the way to go. Maybe it's that these creatures ARE the exception -- wild, wanton, unprincipled -- and stand out as bad examples when the rest of the female population is just doing their thing. I'm not sure, though. Too many teen girls are trying to put out a raunchy and harsh image to the world, ala the Kardashians, et al. There's also a meanness that goes along with this, and that's the creepiest aspect of all. Greedy AND mean? That pretty much spells the end of civilization, to me. As I said before, Judith, great points here and I will even agree that Sarah Palin is an astute stateswoman compared to the accomplishments of these bimbos! Keep it up, Judith!