Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gearing Up for The Oscars, This Sunday on ABC!

It's the place where movies and TV come together, that snazzy intersection of style and substance -- get ready for The Oscars, coming up this Sunday night on ABC!

ABC's Oscar site isn't much to crow about -- check it out by clicking here -- but they do have a downloadable nominee sheet that might help you keep track of the winners. What they don't have is their Oscar Countdown widget available for posting, which seems like a miss. They also have a new feature, a $4.99 "Oscar All Access" pass that gets you and your computer special Flash-technology coverage with exclusive footage and access, of course, to things the rest of us won't be able to view. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' site is more fun, believe it or not, with a Party Kit so you can throw your own Oscar bash (complete with recipes & trivia), and lots of other info.

Much has been made of the choice of acting nominee James Franco and previous nominee Anne Hathaway as hosts for the Awards, but they're both game and talented and a tad nutty, three qualities which should work for them as they perform their duties on Sunday night. A spirited Anne famously joined host Hugh Jackman onstage during his energetic opening number two years ago, available to view here. You might have heard about Franco's Twitter link to a soundfile of him rehearsing a song which apparently won't be on the telecast but definitely provides a few minutes of amusement, including the always-funny sound of genuine laughter from Franco as he cracks up at his efforts. Franco was terrific a couple of years ago when he and his Pineapple Express star Seth Rogan reunited for an Oscar skit:

How about we take a look at the series of promos featuring Franco and Hathaway for Sunday's show -- I think you'll agree that they're pretty cute and that they aren't, as the over-used cliche says, your father's Oscar hosts.

Of course, we think one of the funniest host segments ever was the Paranormal Activity skit performed by last year's hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, which you can watch again here. (You can't embed it and it's not available in better quality!? How's that even possible?).

You've got a few days to catch up on the movies you haven't seen yet, and with ten Best Picture nominees that's not as easy as it used to be. We'll be featuring more coverage as the week progresses, but get your Oscar duds ready and The Flaming Nose will be watching with you!

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Jane said...

Wonderful post! Let the countdown begin to the High Holy night for movie lovers! There must be a countdown post somewhere.