Monday, November 8, 2010

A very quick heads up for Late Night fans...Conan O'Brien returns tonight after less than a year: (TBS at 11pm). For those who followed the trials and tribulations of Team Coco, the (now) bearded one was kicked off as the host of the Tonight Show and quite rudely replaced by Jay Leno, who, along with NBC, found Prime Time to be a very inhospitable place for a late night comedy/variety show. The booting of Coco caused an outpouring of grief, especially among his core demographic (Men 18-34), who mostly don't watch television anyway, so were probably in part responsible for his Peacock Network demise.

Will he fare better on TBS? Will basic cable prove more friendly to Conan's quirky brand of humor than a traditional network? How many people think Fox would have been a better fit?

The only thing I know for sure is that there will be plenty of DVR's humming. A DVR recording search is probably the only way a young male viewer could even find TBS. Now that I think of it, Conan should have just brought his new show to YouTube! What do you think?


Jane said...

Commenting on my own post to reflect that Night #1 for Conan was pretty funny. Coco had plenty of inside jokes that slammed network TV, basic cable and the Internet simultaneously. Was it too "inside" for regular people to care? I don't know...still hunting for the ratings! Guests included the skinnier, not funnier Seth Rogan, and (XXXOOO) Jack White playing Rock-A-Billy. If you look in the dictionary under the word "Cool" there is a picture of Jack White.

Lisa said...

Other than the facts I hate talk shows and won't watch TBS/TNT, I'm sure Conan was fine. I love Andy Richter -- glad that they are back together.

Obviously great opening numbers -- you would have thought it was the Second Coming from all the articles -- but despite my personal bias, all the hoopla seems way out of proportion. I find it hard to root for a guy who made millions and millions by getting tossed away by NBC...there's no "underdog" in his story at all.


In terms of Seth Rogen, I hate it when funny celebs lose weight and they're not as funny -- and they aren't. Can't be funny counting calories like some supermodel. I hope this doesn't ever happen with Zach Galifianakis! He is perfect now!

Jane said...

Well if you want to go all grumpy about talk shows I'm game. Because at the end of the day my favorite current is Ellen DeGeneres, who is stuck in the Daytime gulag. And my fav of all time is Dick Cavett, who had more brains than every single one of them combined, including the immortal Johnny.

TOTALLY agree about the weight loss comedians. It's like Sampson and his hair or something. Although our precious Ricky Gervais is still funny and he's a stick now. Hope starvation doesn't sap his humor power too!

Dean Treadway said...

It's only a matter of time before Galifinakis gets the note from his agent to lose weight or suffer the consequences.