Saturday, November 13, 2010

More SCTV Goodness: My Favorite Count Floyd

After Dean's insanely great SCTV article yesterday, I was moved to find and post my favorite bit from the wonderful Joe Flaherty as cut-rate horror movie host Count Floyd -- The Blood Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin, Pennsylvania!

I know what Dean means when he talks about how much SCTV makes you laugh -- this one is still as hilarious as the first time I ever saw it! Just a gem! I was going to use this as one of our Halloween TV picks a couple of weeks ago, but this is an even better occasion to highlight Flaherty's brilliant comedy creation!

Dean, thanks for putting a much-deserved spotlight on one of the most accomplished shows ever!


Dean Treadway said...

Of course, this is the king Count Floyd moment. In the Thomas book, or on the DVDs or something, Flaherty talks about arriving at the studio before everyone else did and just filming these segments without a script. This is exactly what I meant by Flaherty's dangerous sort of improv. YOu absolutely had the sensation he's making it all up as he just see his eyes shift and you know he, (as Floyd) is looking for the correct terms. Of course, this lead to the many hysterical moments here. My favorites: "I'm not kidding you this time"; "This movie won the Western Pennsylvania....Fright Award in 1978, I think. It really garnered the that ceremony"; "That's right--chicken!"; "If you remember you saw the Alien.."; Floyd kind of morphhing into a hoser at one point; the little Bloodsucking Monkey dance he does; "I'm tellin' you, the movie was so wasn't even funny," and the real slayer, which I suspect they had to cut away from really fast because I best it cracked Flaherty up, is the final goodbye: "Until then, this is Count Floyd saying: Goodnight! Sleep tight! And...don't let the cows come in!" What the hell is funnier than that?? Yes, this is something I should have thought to include. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa!

Lisa said...

Your favorite lines are mine, too! So funny...even just READING the lines written down totally cracks me up!

He is just insanely funny in the brain!

I remember how incredibly funny he was on that MonsterVision shoot -- I wonder if some of that is on YouTube...I'll have to search. He was WONDERFUL!!!