Sunday, October 3, 2010

Your Sunday TV Dance Card

Shall we go over your Sunday viewing schedule?

9pm Dexter on Showtime

9pm Boardwalk Empire on HBO

9pm Rubicon on AMC -- are you watching this? Many are!

10pm Mad Men on AMC

10pm Bored to Death on HBO

10:30p Eastbound and Down on HBO

That's enough TV to last you for the night. If you're more into non-fiction, you might enjoy Science Channel's Sci Fi Science series, with host Dr. Michio Kaku, which has three episodes airing from 8 - 10pm, including half-hours on "Alien Invasions" and "Deep Impact"; if these aren't perfect for me, I don't know what is. Rounding out their three hour block (which repeats 11p - 2a) is Investigation X whose episode "Siberian Apocalypse" looks into the always-fascinating Tunguska explosion in Russia back in 1908. It really doesn't get any more mysterious than that.

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