Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday is Super TV and We're On Overdrive!

Sunday is it. Even with the departure of Mad Men and Rubicon several weeks ago, the superb drama pace hasn't let up, and now we're groaning (in delight, of course) again with the addition of another what should be amazing series.

At 9pm we've got HBO's Boardwalk Empire, now on Episode 7, still stylishly giving us a glimpse into the ever-coarsening world of Prohibition Era Atlantic City, NYC and Chicago gangsters. I will also comment here that they have obviously gathered up all the actresses who don't have fake boobs to appear in BE; last week's episode was nearly all topless women and they were all natural. This should be considered a welcome change from the siliconed sharpies usually in view, but even I was getting a little overwhelmed with so many titties last week. Maybe some of the ladies will keep their tops on this week, what do you say?

The other 9pm star is Dexter on Showtime -- also very good, if not great. Julia Stiles is effective as the damaged former victim who's out for her own revenge after being taken into Dexter's confidence, and the Dexter regulars are putting in terrific performances, as always. I usually DVR this for later viewing or catch it on the many Showtime encores throughout the week, but I definitely watch it as soon as possible. It's no Season 2, which was our favorite around here, but it's still plenty exciting and engrossing.

Also at 9pm, we also hope you've gotten turned on to PBS' astonishly delightful Masterpiece Mystery! presentation of Sherlock, a three episode run that started last week. This updated Sherlock Holmes envisioning is lightning fast, funny as hell, and completely intriguing. The performances are delightful, the writing crisp and witty, and I sincerely advise you to watch with the Closed Captions on so you don't miss a word of the dialogue. Sherlock is a wholly wonderful 90 minutes long, so settle in for a long entertaining hour and a half.

This week we've got a new drama hitting the schedule, AMC's much-touted and well-reviewed The Walking Dead, premiering tonight at 10pm. Based on a popular hard-hitting comic book series, The Walking Dead is a departure in subject matter for AMC, but if their previous record of quality TV production holds true, we are in for a treat. Even if you're not a horror aficionado, we recommend giving this one a try. It looks incredible! Learn more about the impressive creative provenance of the show here, and take a look at the exciting show trailer right now:

Ladies and Gentlemen, pop the popcorn, turn on the TV and set your DVRs! What a Sunday!

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