Monday, October 4, 2010

Are You Watching NBC's "The Event"?

The numbers have been good so far for NBC's new mystery-sci fi-adventure-conspiracy drama The Event -- good enough to help knock off Fox's much-touted drama Lone Star after only two airings -- and the network is trying hard to make the show into something monumental. They're blogging like crazy, have set up a companion website called Truthseeker purportedly written by someone in The Event's universe who's getting clues and sharing them with viewers, and all sort of other proactive gestures designed to keep today's social media-crazed, Lost-deprived audiences hanging in with the series. Here's the promo for tonight's episode, the show's third:

The complaints I've heard have been mostly about the pilot -- that timewise it jumped around too much -- but The Event seemed to have settled down in the second episode and probably has settled into a mix of breakneck pace -- at least in the scenes with the desperate Jason Ritter (pictured above) who's racing around trying to find his missing fiancee -- and something more deliberate. If you've so far managed to dodge the first two on-air but still want to get into the party, both are available for viewing on the show's website under the "Video" tab.

Without giving too much away if you haven't been watching, the events in The Event have been all over the place -- cruise ships, jet planes, Hawaii, Florida Presidential retreats, Arizona desert, frozen Alaskan wilderness -- so you're not going to get bored at least. I won't go so far as saying I'm in love with the show, but they got me with the revelation that...well, I'm not going to say, but you'll find out when you watch. The series also boasts another impressive portrayal of a black U.S. President, ala 24 and the movies Deep Impact and 2012. (Actually I think he's supposed to be Hispanic, but since it's Blair Underwood it's hard to say.) I reckon this means that only the most difficult and dastardly problems are afoot for the fellow, if those other works are any clue.

NBC's The Event airs Monday nights at 9pm, and also plays on some other NBC sister nets like Bravo. The Flaming Nose thinks you should definitely give it a try.


Jane said...

I caught the pilot but have not found the wherewithall to follow up on subsequent episodes. It's getting really hard to keep up with all the new TV, it's a full time job and I'm already working a full time job! BTW, you forgot the movie 5th Element as another sci-fi flick where we have a black president. Which is why I've said from the get-go that now Obama is at the helm we can expect either a comet or an alien invation any second now.

Lisa said...

OMG -- I did forget Tiny Lister's wonderful portrayal of the President, or whatever he was...I thought it might have been more of a whole Earth Prez, but he was great, no matter what.

I would actually trust Obama to talk with invading aliens, should that happen!