Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watching TV Online -- It Doesn't Make Everybody Happy

You'll want to read this Los Angeles Times article about the proliferation of sites offering easy links to online TV content. It paints them as the latest Big Bad, but really...with cable and satellite prices so insanely high -- and they are! -- do you blame anybody for using these? I don't.

I basically subscribe to everything, but I go online occasionally to see something that I've missed and couldn't DVR, that the networks don't put on their own websites for viewing -- unbelievable! -- or that I didn't know I needed to watch until too late. Also these are sources for international viewers who can't access content from other countries because of geo-blocking and because nobody runs the shows over here. (I'm thinking particularly about BBC America and how they don't run most of the amazing British comedies that fans crave, but instead play reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation! And they wonder why people go to these sites??)

There's nothing quite as ludicrous and utterly unsympathetic as prosperous Hollywood megacorporations freaking out and trying to stamp out these TV fan-skewed sites when they should be examining their own practices and charges and maybe trying to make things more accessible with a reasonable price tag.

Hollywood sounds alarms as streaming video websites enable a new wave of piracy -

This is one more issue where I've got to say "Power to the People!".

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