Monday, September 6, 2010

Valuable "Mad Men" Resources!

Of course you can just watch the show, but we think that you really always want to know more, don't you? Here are some good places to check out for additional Mad Men insight that can only add to our enjoyment of this multi-layered show.

"Mad Blog" at MediaPost Publications: Well-written and concise synopses of Mad Men episodes, posted not immediately but within a few days. Many comments, often by ad industry professionals, add to the dimension of the discussion.

"Mad Men Unbuttoned" -- The Footnotes of Mad Men: Natasha Vargas-Cooper started a blog and now it's a book, but you should still go to the blog and check her latest entries where she provides annotation of the real history behind Mad Men references. It's a great concept which helps fill in some of the blanks for viewers who may not get all the references, using contemporary magazine ads and so forth to furnish our MM world.

"Mad Men Fan Site": Not sure who's behind this but it seems to be a good site with lots of resources. Worth a look.

"Basket of Kisses": The Lipp Sisters' terrific Mad Men blog which has been a favorite here for a long time.

Dyna Moe's Mad Men Illustrated: She's got a book coming out next month, too, with more of her great MM-inspired art. She's the artist behind the "Mad Men Yourself" feature on the AMC-TV Mad Men website. Fun to look at.

AMC's Mad Men Site: Video, photos, all things Mad Men on the official site for Mad Men's network.

Miss Blankenship's Facebook Page: Definitely become a friend of Don's irascible and hilarious secretary, played to perfection by Randee Heller.

If you have any other favorite Mad Men sites, let us know in the comments section!

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Jane said...

What a great group of links to stuff about Mad Men. Love this picture of Peggy by the way.