Friday, September 3, 2010

Tina, Jon, Betty and Jimmy in the Emmy Open

We like this a lot, some of us because we are real Glee fans and some of us because it shows what good sports Tina Fey, Jon Hamm and Betty White are for being hilarious pros who will do the unexpected. Emmy host Jimmy Fallon is also quite charming in this, the full-length Emmy show open. Fascinating in hindsight in that Glee didn't sweep the awards like some had predicted, and also amazing because the open is so long. But it worked, in the room and at home, and set the tone for an entertaining Emmys that was actually enjoyable to watch.

(P.S.: I'm not the Glee fan around here, it makes me a little crazy, all that singing -- which as a fan of stage and screen musicals I should like -- but it sure works here!)

As we've said around here before, Jon Hamm can do ANYTHING. Let's hope that once Mad Men ends its run (not too soon, please!) that he's plucked to become the new Cary Grant if George Clooney is tired of the mantle. We like Hamm's comic style -- obviously so does Tina Fey -- and as we mentioned above, what a sport!

And Betty White? We never get tired of her. Hilarious, and not a hint -- nor any need -- of the audience patronizing her because of her age. Every line she delivers is gold. She rules.

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Jane said...

Hands down, the most exuberant, delightful, energetic and FUNNY Emmy open in the history of the awards. My hat is off to Bruce S. for granting the permission to use Born to Run, which was just perfect. Thanks for posting this, because I will literally watch it a hundred times!