Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Secession Plans A'Brewin' at the Emmys?

I hadn't heard about this issue until this article, and it definitely sounds, as a someone commented there, like extreme sour grapes. The Broadcast Networks want to separate out all series (broadcast and cable) from longform and movies. Because the Broadcast Nets no longer make many movies or minis, they hate that HBO gets all the attention, basically. Read about it at The Hollywood Reporter:

HBO stands alone against Emmy split proposal

Hmmmm. In the name of making the show more "entertaining" traditional broadcasters want to make a two-tiered system because they don't like it when somebody else gets awards. The show could be made more entertaining in plenty of ways without suddenly trying to separate broadcast and cable into two different "levels" of television. If the broadcast nets are jealous of how much HBO spends on their minis, so what? Let HBO have their Emmys for those categories.

Grow up and take it like a man, Broadcast Nets! Suddenly they care that only a relatively small percent of viewers may have seen the HBO programs? Cable has injected life and verve into the sometimes tedious network offerings; don't point out the differences by secession -- I'm not sure that Broadcasters will come out smelling exactly like victory if they do.

Everybody eventually gets their day in the sun, if they deserve it. Watch, learn, aspire, congratulate -- don't be a bunch of greedy babies, please.

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Jane said...

This is such sniveling behavior! What a bunch of babies. And this, after Modern Family, an awesome broadcast show, wins best Comedy. Man-up broadcast networks. Why don't you just ask for HBO to be kicked out of the Emmys all together? After all, it's not television, it's HBO.