Friday, September 3, 2010

Nekkid "True Blood" Stars For Your Enjoyment, Courtesy of "Rolling Stone"

Did you see this (last?) week's Rolling Stone cover with the stars of True Blood? It definitely embodies what's been going on with the series -- lots of sex (though mostly in the earlier eps of this season) and lots of blood (ditto). There are more photos from the shoot and also some on-set shots that you'll enjoy checking out, here. (Did they have Alexander Skarsgard standing in a hole for this shot? He normally towers over Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.)

I thought it fitting that in the clip montage for Outstanding Drama at last Sunday's Emmys, the featured True Blood scene was the amazing moment when Godric (Allan Hyde) sacrificed himself and burned up on the rooftop. Has there been anything so far this season to approach that sublime and beautiful moment? I haven't seen it.

Last week's episode was the season's penultimate; the finale airs Sunday, September 12th, with no new episode this Labor Day weekend but instead a three hour catch-up mini-marathon on HBO. Here's to vampire Eric managing to unshackle himself from the languid and ultimately tedious Russell Edgington as they try a little sunbathing after drinking Sookie's fairy blood!

Well...maybe not!


Amy said...

Thanks, Lisa! Very hot and sexy. Made my day. I'm still waiting for Eric and Sookie to get it on. What's taking so looooong?

Jane said...

How on earth could I have missed this picture. I've been racing around like a chicken with it's head cut off. What can I say...oooo la la. Eric is delicious!