Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Enough Women in Late Night Talk Shows? Thank Goodness!

You should take a look at this article by James Poniewozik from Time Magazine:

Are Women Getting Short Shrift in Late Night?

He brings up the disparity between the men vs. female body count on late-night TV. Other than the mouthy but not entirely without amusement Chelsea Handler and her eponymous show on E!, ladies are not represented in the talk show host world, nor evidently particularly behind-the-camera, either. Eh.

So what if there's not a gal sitting in one of those host chairs? The ladies rule daytime, and would you really want to see a "funny" version of The View on your TV, in the dark, right before you drift off to sleep? No, thanks. You can get better nightmares with a big Mexican dinner, and more deliciously, too.

Keep your ladies, please. For that matter, keep most of your late-night talk shows, hosted by men or women. The fact that anybody goes to sleep contentedly after watching Jay Leno is a freakin' miracle, I'd say. I certainly hope people are watching these shows either 1.) while surfing the net and not paying attention or 2.) while actually asleep. The third alternative -- that they are really watching -- boggles the mind.

Find a good Seinfeld re-run someplace. You'll get your laughs without the awkward celebrity plugs. (I will confess a small liking for Jimmy Kimmel, but not enough to actually watch him.)

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