Monday, July 19, 2010

More on the FCC Decency Rules and the Recent Court Ruling

The New York Times has an expanded section here dealing with the Court's striking down of the FCC Decency Rules, with contributions from a variety of pundits. The Flaming Nose weighed in last week on the issue, and many of our concerns are voiced here among these opinions. We're all for the increased attention on the violence issue bubbling up as a reaction to the indecency ruling. There's something very hypocritical about all the attention on sexual content and very little attempt to marry it to concern about the casual use of violence as entertainment. I'm not talking about pay-cable's Dexter or the like (cavet emptor there), it's the constant stream of easily accessible broadcast network TV's police procedurals that have really pushed this "police porn" into the mainstream.

Kudos to The New York Times for facilitating the discussion on the possible repercussions of the FCC Decency ruling and what kind of fall-out we might expect. Only by talking about this and deciding how far we want to see TV wallowing can we figure out where to draw the line, at least in our personal viewing.

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