Friday, June 11, 2010

"TrueBlood" Season Three Coming This Sunday to HBO!

We're longtime fans of HBO's vampire meller TrueBlood, and with the third season starting up in just a few days, it's high time you started getting excited, too! With the rest of the kiddies going batty for Twilight, we advise getting your own vampire on and joining the fun of TrueBlood.

We've been bringing the HBO promo posters for the series to you over the past weeks, and here's #11, entitled "Life Goes On", featuring vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyers) posing with the members of his Civil War brigade. Nice concept, but I think they really could have done a little better job integrating his head onto the nameless (and now faceless) real soldier in the original photo, don't you? It should look more authentic...just sayin'. (If you want a look at the full-size downloadable version, click here.)

Here's the final teaser poster, #12, titled "How Can 400 Billion Blood Suckers Be Wrong?" -- what can you say about a mosquito?

If you've so far managed to avoid falling for the series, we suggest taking a look at this informational and very entertaining teaser from HBO, called "TrueBlood in 4:52". Narrated by Nelsan Ellis, who wonderfully plays Lafayette in the series, this short piece will get you up-to-date with the goings-on in the beleagured Louisiana town where all the TB action is. If you already are a fan, it'll whip you into a veritable frenzy of anticipation for Sunday's return. This is a good time to put in a big shout-out to the consistently excellent cast of TB. To learn more about this huge rep company and to see some of the new faces in this season, click here.

True Blood in 4:52

The Season 3 premiere of TrueBlood on HBO starts at a special time this coming Sunday. Be sure to tune-in at 8:45pm for 15 minutes of pre-show activities before the official showtime at 9pm! The Flaming Nose will be there!

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Jane said...

Just a tiny bit disappointed with the season opener. I may have to watch it again to confirm, but I was underwhelmed. We need much, much more of Eric the Swedish vamp and a great new villain so we can root for the good vamps and sookie to prevail!