Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HuluPlus for $9.99 a Month? With Ads? Would You Sign Up?

Be sure to read this article on Yahoo from AP about online video service Hulu's announcement yesterday about their plans to go ahead with a premium service. Even more interesting than the news itself are the comments left by readers. Be sure to finish the article and read some of them -- I'd say it sounds mostly negative at this point. Nobody seems too thrilled at the prospect of paying $10 a month and still having to watch ads in the programs. I think they're right.

First off, Hulu is running some 60 second ads. 60 seconds? That's like forever in TV time. Yikes. They shouldn't be running anything longer than a :15. A minute-long ad is completely unbearable. All they are doing is encouraging multi-tasking; you have to do something else while that horrible commercial is running. Bad, bad, bad.

But read the article. Maybe you think Hulu is being smart with this new move. I think they're being greedy.


Jane said...

If 60 seconds is forever in TV time, it's infinity in web time. I think this is a bad business model. It will sink like a stone.

Lisa said...

Thanks for clarifying the absolutely true difference between TV time and web time! You're so right -- 60 seconds is definitely infinity here! lol

Hulu brass can't be so clueless...or can they?

Jane said...

I hate to say it, but I think one of the reasons why the Hulu folks are so clueless is that they don't get the online world yet. They are all a bunch of former TV executives and they're going to find out the hard way that it's different out here in cyberspace.