Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disney Scrubbing SoapNet

Not that I'm a soap opera fan, but I don't like seeing any network that airs programming for grown-ups being chucked aside for yet another kids channel. SoapNet was good for actual soaps, some replays of newer series, including Canada's entertaining Being Erica, and they used to run some classics series and soaps, including the still-playing Ryans Hope, the only soap I ever followed (for a while at least).

Check out this article from The Hollywood Reporter for more information on the unfortunate changeover.

Disney dumping SoapNet to make way for kids net -- The Live Feed THR

Also here's another account of the change at TV Week, plus a link to the Disney press release.

I guess kids are never supposed to go outside and play anymore. Hey, I love TV more than most people, but one would think that children ought to actually leave the house occasionally and get some sun and interact with real human beings. Too many kids-targeted networks already!

Between the kids networks and the paid programming, sometimes there just isn't much left for the rest of us!

As always, there's only one explanation for this: Follow The Money.



Anonymous said...

i agree with you even though i don't watch soaps. psychiatrists have warned about the current generation of kids who aren't exposed to nature. you are right, too many kids are watching too much television.

someone other than anne sweeney thought of this. she's not the creative mind at the company. she's a follower, not a leader and yes they will follow the money. with daytime dying i assume brian frons' role at the company will come to a close soon too.

Jane said...

I think TV is desperate to stop the mass exodus, starting with the youngest demographics. With so many other things giving kids a bigger time drain (videogames, social networking, cell phones, texting) TV is the least of the worries. At least some of those devices can be taken outside into the sunshine!