Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Tyson and a Show About Pigeons

The Flaming Nose has never been shy about tackling some of the stranger fare out there in TV land. It would be difficult to find a program more off the beaten path than this snippet, compliments of Entertainment Weekly, that Mr. Tyson will begin filming a reality program for Animal Planet on pigeon racing this spring. Tyson has apparently been involved with the pigeon sport his whole life, and he says he is honored to be a part of this monumental show.

Mike Tyson, once the undefeated world heavyweight champion, has had some extremely challenging public relations issues over the years, including domestic violence and there was that time he bit off the ear of an opponent. However, he has never been mean to dogs and is clearly a bird lover, and so therefore worthy of some guarded measure of rehabilitation. Also, he was pretty funny in last summer's hit comedy, "The Hangover".

The Nose has covered some very big events over the past few weeks, including the Academy Awards, the new HBO series The Pacific and the recent death of Mission Impossible star Peter Graves. This is a reminder that no TV effort is too small (or too weird) for the Nose posters to remark upon!

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Lisa said...

Mike Tyson + Pigeons = Great TV!

Thanks for the heads-up about this interesting facet to Tyson's personality!

It's all good!