Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Breaking Bad" -- Don't Miss It Tonight!

We sincerely hope that you caught last Sunday night's season return of AMC's searing drama Breaking Bad. There's nothing like it on TV -- brutal, compelling, heartbreaking, incisive, unsentimental, and Breaking Bad also looks like nothing else on TV. It's breathtakingly beautiful, even when what we're seeing is astoundingly evil.

I want to share some of the amazing images from last week's episode No Mas, and they were doozies. From the first few moments -- my favorite set piece of the whole episode -- when we saw the completely weird sight of a parade of villagers crawling in the dirt towards a desert shrine, and then throughout the rest of the entire show, we saw a series of eye-catching images that were unique and unforgettable. Behold!

The men from the fancy car join the snaking postulants as they head for the shrine.

These guys mean business...and they're after Walt, as we see here.

They change into migrant garb and leave the keys to their car on the horns of a goat.

After making it across the border, the badasses burn up a truckload of fellow immigrants and set off to find Walt, wearing the boots which identify them as dangerous hombres.

Walt's brother-in-law (Dean Norris) thinks Walt's joking when he tells him there's half a million in cash in his duffel bag.

Jesse (Aaron Paul) tries to get it together in rehab after his girlfriend dies of an overdose and her air traffic controller father causes a mid-air collision.

Walt meets with his drug contact, the impeccable and respectable chicken restaurant entrepreneur, played masterfully by Giancarlo Esposito.

Walt's homelife is ruined, with his family separated from him, and his son miserable.

Walt tries to put some perspective on the airplane tragedy, to an unreceptive school assembly.

And then there's just the incredible face of Bryan Cranston, saying so much in his Emmy-winning performance as Walter White.

Don't miss tonight's episode of Breaking Bad, on AMC! The show is astounding, clearly the most ambitious series on TV right now.