Sunday, January 17, 2010

Congrats to Golden Globe Winners!

The Flaming Nose was thrilled to see several of our favorite television series and actors receive awards during tonight's Golden Globe ceremonies! Nobody can argue with their choice of AMC's sublime Mad Men as Best Television Series - Drama, nor Fox's newcomer Glee as Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy. We share the love. Tough categories, and not a dog in the bunch. Against Big Love, House, Dexter and True Blood, Mad Men's winning position is quite an accomplishment. (Where was Breaking Bad? It's almost better than any of these, and its absence is unfortunate.)

Though our favorites Anna Paquin in True Blood and January Jones in Mad Men didn't manage to prevail, the talented Julianna Margulies took home the award for her starring dramatic role in The Good Wife. Our longtime support of Michael C. Hall as Dexter makes his win for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama a very happy one, even though I would argue that this wasn't the strongest Dexter season so far. (I think Season 2 rules the Dexter universe.) John Lithgow also took home a Best Supporting Award for his impressive work as Hall's nemesis this season. Alec Baldwin once again takes the prize for his leading role in 30 Rock, though as with the Emmy Awards, Toni Collette takes the comedy leading actress award. (Not sure about this one. I would give it to Edie Falco for her role as Nurse Jackie, but I really don't think that's a comedy, however.)

Very pleased to see Kevin Bacon take home a prize for his tightly-wound, intelligent and dignified performance in HBO's TV Movie Taking Chance. Also Drew Barrymore for her leading role in Grey Gardens, which also won for Best Miniseries. Chloe Sevigny in Big Love won for Best Supporting Actress, but I think I'd have gone for Jane Adams' unique work in HBO's Hung. Many good folks in contention for all these, and of course none of it means a thing, but congrats to everyone!

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Jane said...

I was very pleased with most of the television winners. It was like a Flaming Nose who's many of the actors and programs that we have supported took the Globe. Most delighted with wins for Kevin Bacon, Drew Barrymore, and Michael C. Hall. Loved seeing Jeff Bridges get an award and Marty Scorcese's heartfelt tribute to the joy of movie making. Wouldn't it be awesome to have Scorcese as a Film Studies college professor? He's a living legend. My only disappointment was not seeing Kathleen Bigelow get the director award for The Hurt Locker. I was really rooting for her. It looks like nothing (alas) will stop the Avatar locomotive.