Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Dexter" Season Four Finale Tonight on Showtime!

"Hello, Dexter Morgan."

The last line of last week's episode, where Arthur confronts Dexter in the police station, after finding out his true identity. Simple but effective, no?

After a season of suprises, a few yawns (am I the only one bored by Batista and LaGuerta's romance? Didn't think I would be, but can't stand all the PDA...) and a predictably terrific performance by John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer, Season 4 of Showtime's Dexter comes to a close tonight at 9pm.

The last few episodes have been top-notch, and though the reveal of Quinn's reporter girlfriend as our beloved Lundy's killer wasn't too much of a surprise, I didn't quite expect her to blow her own head off. (Interesting choice, because on the series finale of USA's wonderful series Monk that same week, Craig T. Nelson's evil judge also committed suicide the same way, after being cornered. Always a fascinatingly abrupt way of ending things, isn't it?)

One thing I didn't like -- or buy -- was the episode a couple weeks back when Trinity kidnapped that boy and made him wear pajamas and play trains with him. The kid was way too precocious but even I didn't want to see him end up in a gunny sack headed for the cement pond. (Don't all came out okay.)

But tonight's the night that events come to a head, and though we know that -- I guess we know -- that Dexter will come out of it alive, it remains to be seen how it's going to transpire. Will The Trinity Killer end up dead, as have Dexter's other evil nemeses, or might he escape to kill another day?

Can't wait!

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Jane said...

I have never felt so left out! Don't have Showtime and one of my friends didn't realize and send me the biggest spoiler email (not his fault!). So...alas poor Rita, we knew ye well. Can't say that I'll miss her! Smart move on the part of the writers/producers/whoever!