Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from The Flaming Nose!

Various events have caused a little slowdown in posts here, but we're still watching television like crazy and will be chiming in on the upcoming finale of Dexter, as well as all the other November sweep events out there!

Has anybody else seen the movie 2012? Not the ultimate disaster movie, but with enough giddy destruction to thrill any jaded moviegoer. A dignified performance by Chiwetel Ejiofor, an energetic one by John Cusack, a prissy one from Oliver Platt, and lots of others with varying degrees of impact will keep you awake, at least!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Viewing, everybody!


Jane said...

Where can I find the finale for Dexter without being a Showtime subscriber? Anywhere? I'm still getting used to Comcast and trying to unpack stuff! I don't even have HBO (the HORROR!). Need to do a triage approach to getting things sorted out. I had washing machine issues and heater not working (holy cow, it gets down into the 40's in Nor Cal at night!)Oh well, it will be figured out and I will be back posting on the Nose before you know it. Comcast TV is weird. Very tiered. I'm going to end up paying through the nose I think. I saw 2012! It was really,really bad science, but you know me, I love a good Tsunami in CGI, so it was OK in that regard.

Lisa said...

I will find somewhere for "Dexter" if you don't get your cable settled by them. And Comcast now owns NBC, eh? Wonder what that's going to mean...

Yes, I love a good Tsunami, too!!!