Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Ready to Flee from Glee

We're just barely dipping a toe into the Fall 2009 season, and one of the most promising new programs is starting to show signs of severe illness. Someone better grab the Tamiflu, this series has the television equivalent of H1N1. It's not just me either, I've read disappointed grumblings about Fox television's Glee all over the Internet.

What's the Problem?

Actually never mind the anti viral medication, what this show could have used a few weeks ago was birth control. There is a double pregnancy story line which is dull and off-putting. The teen pregnancy for Ms. Popular Cheerleader is forced, trite and utterly devoid of humor. The false pregnancy for teacher Will's deranged wife is just over the top creepy. Let's put it this way...when I playback my recorded episode of "Glee", I watch the commercials and fast forward through Terri the nutcase wife with the pillow under her shirt. Maybe it's a plot by the Fox Ad Sales department; let the conspiracy theories begin.

What's the Solution?

There is still much to love and much to salvage on this program. The musical numbers continue to be top notch and wonderfully choreographed. This week's final song (Keep Holding On) was a 10 on Jane's goose-bump meter, which I have borrowed from my American Idol posts and will now use to rate the "Glee" songs. The chemistry between high school singing rivals Finn and Rachel is
wonderful. Lea Michele, a Broadway singing veteran since the age of 8, plays Rachel to perfection. Last but not least, we have scene stealing and set chewing maven extraordinaire, Ms. Jane Lynch. She plays the formidable coach of the "Cheerios" drill team and lately she reminds me of the metal mouthed monster on the "Alien" trilogy. I mean that as a compliment. Never mind acting, I think Jane Lynch would make an awesome Secretary of Defense. She is the most fascinating TV comedy antagonist ever.

I hope the "Glee" writers and producers are listening to the drum beat on the web. At the very least, please make the weird Mrs. Schuester and her fake pregnancy go away and we can all settle down and sing along together again.

As proof that somebody has been loving Glee, the YouTube below (Slide show and audio only, Video disabled by Fox...but hey you can buy it on iTunes) has gotten over two million views. Another successful revival for an old Journey song! It's a great showcase for Lea Michele's powerhouse voice.

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