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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting -- And Accurate -- Commentary on the Emmy Awards

I agree with the point of this article -- the Emmy Awards were like a rich white people's party. It hardly seems appropriate in 2009, in a multicultural country, to have television's most illustrious night look like this. Read it:

Emmy telecast was lacking in diversity -- latimes.com

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Jane said...

Interesting article, and so very true. Nelson Ellis who plays Lafayette on True Blood should have been nominated. He was brilliant. Then again the entire series was snubbed. I missed the Emmys this year because I was up north. Sounds like I didn't miss much!

Lisa said...

I so agree about Nelsan Ellis. Absolutely amazing performance and should have been in there. 'True Blood" did get some creative awards, nominations at least, but definitely snubbed. Nelsan was the standout! Maybe next year!

Jimmy said...

very good point considering that Hollywood is suppossedly pushing liberal causes. btw, what about hispanics? i don't see too many of them represented. - jimy_max