Friday, September 18, 2009

Catch GLEE on Fox

The Flaming Nose wants to remind everybody that one of the sharpest comedies on television is back on Fox, Wednesday nights at 9pm. We loved the pilot for GLEE which aired a few months ago, and now the regular season has begun. Matt Morrison stars as Will Schuester, the high school teacher with a heart of gold who starts a Glee Club populated by misfits. It turns out to be so cool, that even the "popular" kids want in.

This series has it all....laugh out loud writing, amazing music and choreography, characters so real they will break your heart. Oh, and Jane Lynch as the butch but nuanced gym teacher who heads the "Cheerios", a cheer leading troupe of mean girls. After only 3 episodes, I am predicting EMMY AWARDS galore for Ms. Lynch. She tears up the screen. I want to write all of her lines down and nail them to the wall.

Everybody in this show can sing, and the musical numbers are blended into the plot seamlessly. Glee is vindication for every musical TV series that didn't work (Cop Rock, anyone?). FOX finally got it right with this one, and it is capturing the hearts of every geek, Thespian society, Chorus Line wannabe who was ever shunned in high school . Glee is revenge for them all.

If you want to become a "Gleek" but have missed the first few episodes, you can watch them all on or the Fox website for free. This is the one new broadcast show of the fall season you won't want to miss.

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