Thursday, September 10, 2009

American Idol Shocker: Ellen Joins the Judges!

Just when I thought it was safe to think my Tuesday and Wednesday nights would be free from TV tyranny, Fox pulled an absolutely brilliant move. With Paula Abdul abdicating her long time post as one of the American Idol judges, it has just been announced that Ellen Degeneres will come on board. What? This is extraordinary news, and it will go a long way towards plugging the AI audience drain that hastened this year with the new four judge format. In fact, yours truly was so disenchanted with the extra judge last season, I had made up my mind to boycott the new season of American Idol for the first time since the series was introduced nine years ago. Never have been and never will be a fan of Kara Dioguardi. Adding her to the cast made the show too much about the judges and not enough about singing.

It's a new game now. Ellen DeGeneres is the most accomplished person ever to join the American Idol cast. She brings a resume ten miles long to the show; 12 time Emmy winner, comedian, actor, producer, writer and talk show host. She also nailed the grand daddy of all host jobs (Academy Awards) in 2007. She is, simply put, a mega star in her own right. Frankly, I've always though she could pull off hosting a late night talk show. I never dreamed that she'd end up on Idol.

I totally understand why American Idol wants Ellen. But why does Ellen want AI?Ellen believes she can represent the voice of the people as the only judge not connected to the music industry. Whatever her agenda is, or if she even has one....I'll be glued to my set to watch it unfold. Bravo to Fox for pulling this one out of the fire! And triple bravo to Ellen who is one of the funniest, most genuine women on television...and the only one to never bow to the Botox God!


Isa Lube said...

I, as a musician, don’t feel she, Ellen, is a good replacement for Paula.

Jane said...

I would have preferred to keep Paula and have Ellen replace Kara D. Now that would have been a great move!

Lisa said...

It's a great hook to bring in her loyal fans -- and there are many -- and also great for her to talk up AI on her own show. Good choice -- very mainstream and she is a positive force, not much snark in her usually...should be a nice addition.

A good move! Who doesn't like Ellen? Even *I* like her!

Jane said...

Everyone does love Ellen. What's not to love? She is hilarious, beautiful and connects with people on every level...from big shot celebrities and politicians to regular folks. She also has exceptional taste in music. I remember one of her daytime shows when she had Prince (personal fav...I think he is a genius) as a guest. He is notoriously shy and a very tough interview. Within a few minutes, they were talking like old pals. She is amazing. This is a great coup for Fox. I hope it works out well.