Saturday, August 1, 2009

"TrueBlood" - Tomorrow Night's Episode "Release Me" Promo

Here's the promo for tomorrow's episode of Flaming Nose Favorite TrueBlood on HBO, entitled "Release Me". Everybody's in hot water -- Sam and Sookie especially! And Jason! Yikes!

Looks like a great episode of this exciting series, which you've probably have heard has been renewed by HBO for another season, along with fellow HBO Sunday night skeins Entourage and freshman dramedy Hung. The buzz for TrueBlood is growing expotentially, thanks to massive fan support and a general pro-vampire pop culture vibe going on. HBO is certainly benefitting from the teenage girl support for the Twilight books and movie franchise, and it's spilling over into all things vamp.

In its second season, TrueBlood is poised to take over as the sexiest show on TV -- generous amounts of skin are on display -- and none of it feels gratuitous in the least. (Pictured above right, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin as Bill and Sookie, obviously not suffering a bit from post-coital tristesse). It's a winning recipe for HBO and we're happy to see their Sunday nights back in the game after a couple floundering years post-Sopranos. (Floundering in the audience sense, not in the creative sense; the shows were fine.) It's one thing to have a critically-acclaimed show like In Treatment and quite another to have a nekkid vampire-lovin' melodrama out there.

As we've said before here, boy, is CBS probably kicking themselves for giving their vampire drama Moonlight the boot a couple of seasons ago. They were just a bit ahead of the curve, and that's probably not where network television ought to be. Networks are better following the pop culture leaders, then getting into the act when Middle America finally catches the scent, and they're smelling blood right now.

Bottom Line: Don't miss TrueBlood tomorrow night at 9pm on HBO! Visit the TrueBlood site for more series information! (And here's a special shout-out for last week's episode where star Stephen Moyer sang a suitably sultry version of "Hard-Hearted Hannah" in a flashback scene; those English actors...they can do anything!)

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Jane said...

And as a reminder, last week's episode had many cliff hangers with both Sookie and Sam left in dire straights. Oh boy, I'm going to be watching the East Coast feed tonight for sure!