Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Eric" from True Blood is Vampire du Jour!

As we wait impatiently for tonight's cliff-hanging True Blood episode, here's a little pop-culture update. Entertainment Weekly has covered the top blood suckers in this week's issue and True Blood's Eric (played wonderfully by Swedish actor and director Alexander Skarsgard) is getting the most nods. A reader poll showed a shocking upset, with Eric getting the most votes for hottest vampire over Robert Pattinson from the movie Twilight.

As usual, the Flaming Nose was ahead of the curve, pointing out the joys of Eric many moons ago. Whether he's singing Swedish songs in a bathtub with feet, terrorizing adoring mortal fans in a bar or trying to "glam" Sookie, our buff Nordic neck biter is impossible to ignore. Since he's over 1,000 years old (and not a speck of plastic surgery!) we also love his Viking back story, and hope to see more of it.

Tune in tonight to HBO's True Bloood, the most exciting thing to happen to Sunday night television since The Sopranos!

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