Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Mad Men World: Gretchen the Frozen Food Mogul

Meet Gretchen. Owner of the multi-million dollar food conglomerate that developed
"Chicken Finger Frozen Fun". Here she congratulates the Sterling Cooper team that came up with a new campaign to replace the tired, "Betcha Didn't Know Chickens had Fingers" catch-phrase. The Sterling Cooper pitch is dreamy and iconic, as housewives in their undergarments wander through the frozen tundras of Alaska with plates of canapes in their slightly blue fingers.

Gretchen also meets Don after the meeting in a cozy little bar downtown with red Naugahyde leather booths. Naturally, they hit it off, since she is the male version of he...and Don has an ego the size of the Goodyear blimp.

OK folks, now go make your own Mad Men avatar! And check out the zippy early 60's muzak in the background. It reminds me of when my parents would let the kids eat the maraschino cherries out of their Manhattans.

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Lisa said...

I love Gretchen! I need to make up the backstory for mine, or make some new ones! Such a fun website!