Sunday, July 12, 2009

HBO's "TrueBlood" Back With New Episode Tonight!

With the July 4th weekend hiatus behind us, we eagerly await tonight's "Shake and Fingerpop" episode of HBO's bloody fantastic TrueBlood, at 9pm. According to early buzz, the ep is amazing, with all the various pleasures and scares of the series in play, and with all characters going at full speed. If you are in the mood for some spoilers, you can always read this which will tip you off to a lot of what will be going on tonight. Me...I think I'll hold off. Some things are definitely worth waiting for. Pictured below, Rutina Wesley as Tara and Anna Paquin as Sookie.

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Jane said...

First the space shuttle launch (fingers crossed) then the east coast feed of Tru Blood, Entourage and Hung. TV doesn't get any better!