Friday, July 24, 2009

First Look at "Dexter" Season 4 Showtime Promo

Here's a nice new long promo for the upcoming season of Dexter, starting September 27th on Showtime!

As expected, the return of Keith Carradine as Frank Lundy is a wonderful thing, and John Lithgow has the perfect mien to be the mild-mannered longtime serial killer, Dexter's new nemesis. The detective work this season should be fascinating, and we're counting on it being the highlight because we're not so much looking forward to all the domestic stuff. I don't think we're going to be disappointed.

It will also be especially interesting to watch Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall onscreen together as brother and sister again, because as we know they are real life husband and wife. Just kind of an intriguing subtext for us to ponder!

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Jane said...

Oh how I love to hate myself for loving Dexter. The most wonderfully good TV show about a bad guy returns....I...can't....wait!