Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Dexter" Season 4 Ads Begin to Surface

We forgot to post this the other day -- the first bit of promotional photography for Showtime's Dexter series, returning for its fourth season this coming September. How do you like it?

Dexter hasn't been shy about using the juxtaposition of youngsters and sanguine surroundings as powerful images. Remember all those flashback scenes with the young Dexter imprisoned in that shipping container, watching as his mother was chainsawed to death by a vicious druglord? Yikes.

The above image is a lighthearted but still massively creepy take on Dexter's occupation. We've got a terrific guest villain to look forward to, also. John Lithgow is onboard as the resident nemesis, and that's gotta be good. I'd say we're in for huge amounts of dark humor!


Jane said...

I've always believed that the introduction of a baby in any successful TV series is fraught with peril. Sometimes it works big time (little Ricky on I Love Lucy) and sometimes it destroys the show completely (Murphy Brown). I guess it's a crap shoot. I'll be watching at any rate, because the thought of John Lithgow (love him) and maybe even the return of Keith Carradine (wow!) will pull me in. Actually, this show is all about Michael C. Hall for me. The supporting characters are great, but he is the one that keeps me coming back.

Thanks for the reminder Lisa!

Lisa said...

I agree about the baby appearance in a plotline. I'm trying to think of any series even remotely like "Dexter" which has focused or included a kid. I'm sure they are counting on the uncomfortable juxtaposition of kind fatherly Dexter and his gruesome deeds in the name of justice, which aren't really imcompatible, one can suppose! Yep -- it's all about MCH but what a great ensemble the show has. One of the very best!

Can't wait until September 27th!