Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thomas Jane is "Hung" -- Tonight, on HBO

All titters aside, we're looking forward to watching HBO's new comedy series Hung, premiering tonight at 10pm, right after our favorite vampire saga TrueBlood. First of all, it stars Thomas Jane, the appealing hunk of masculinity and acting prowess who's starred in some nifty action/sci fi movie favorites like The Punisher and The Mist (and the not-so-good Dreamcatcher), and many other projects including HBO's baseball movie 61. (He's also the soon-to-be-ex Mr. Patricia Arquette). The interesting Jane Adams co-stars, along with the equally interesting Anne Heche. That's a great trio in anybody's book. Check out the promo now.

As you can see, Hung is the tale of Ray, an underpaid schoolteacher with money woes -- good to see TV finally acknowledging that teachers frequently get the shaft...we're thinking Walter in Breaking Bad, too -- who in his desperation is forced to think outside of the box. He's encouraged by his friend Tanya (Adams) to capitalize on his most impressive asset -- guess what that is -- by becoming a gigolo. Obviously rife with penis jokes (and would you want it any other way?), Hung is an intriguing concept, combining a strong sexual component -- good for tune-in -- with some down-to-earth contemporary domestic strife. Created by the minds behind FX's droll series The Riches, Hung is an appealing package that should offer plenty of adult laughs delivered by a very capable cast. (Above right, T. Jane and J. Adams).

Advance word is that it may take a few episodes for audiences to completely warm to Hung's ample pleasures, so hang with it for more than just tonight's opening episode, whatever you do. HBO's now the sweet spot for the best Sunday night entertainment, what with TrueBlood taking off like crazy since its second season preem two weeks ago and now the sexy Hung added to the mix.

Be sure to visit HBO's Hung website for more information and behind-the-scenes exclusives!

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Jane said...

Fabulous post Lisa! I am looking forward to this next HBO hit. I read an interesting article that said programs like "Hung" and "Breaking Bad" are signs that the economy is so poor, regular guys have to turn to crime just to scrape by. They certainly tap into the unconscious fears of a nervous nation. I wouldn't last a day as a criminal....I feel guilty if some pin head at a cash register gives me too much change and I always insist on giving it back.