Monday, June 15, 2009

So, What Did You Love About Last Night's "TrueBlood"?

Whooee! Steamy, scary, surprising, sexy, scathing -- last night's Season Two Premiere of HBO's Alan Ball-produced vampire skein TrueBlood lived up to all expectations, at least around here at The Flaming Nose. Other than the simple fact that the show is back -- reason enough to celebrate -- we'd like to compile a list of what tickled us about Season 2, Episode 1 "Nothing But The Blood". To wit, I'll start with my five, and don't read if you don't want spoilers!

1. That wheel of torture downstairs in Eric's lair! Yikes! Miserable, damp, drippy, with a communal chamber pot and hot and cold running terror.

2. Finding Lafayette alive down there! Thank goodness! We understand that in the book series the terrifically entertaining chief cook and "V" peddler buys the farm early on, but we are so pleased to see him back for more in the show. Wonderful performance by Nelsan Ellis. Congrats to Alan Ball for not going strictly by the book and recognizing Lafayette's tremendous charisma.

3. Nekkid Bill and Sookie! Always good to see two attractive and intelligent actors -- Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin -- doing the wild thing onscreen. Bravo! And more, please...

4. Eric getting his hair foil-bleached, since obviously he's not going to be getting sun highlights anytime soon. Almost too cute but a nice touch.

5. Anytime Rutina Wesley as Tara is in a scene. She's magnificent!

That's just a few. I've left out some good ones. Allons! Share yours, mon chers!


Jane said...

I have all the same five favorite moments Lisa! So scared of the dungeon! Actually, even more scared of the communal chamber pot...nightmare city! Love the humor of Eric's hair foil (Jeez, I thought this Swede was a natural blond). I think Bill has more humor now too...certainly his patience with the numbskull 17 year old new Vamp will have comic potential. The Sookie-Bill sex scene was hot. HBO has the best sex scenes of any network ever. I'm also fascinated by Jason's born again story line. I bet you anything something physical will develop between him and that Rev Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker cloned couple. I'm going to watch the whole thing over again tonight.

Amy said...

Lisa has pretty much said it all. I would only add that thank god Lafayette is still alive. I knew he couldn't possibly be written out of the show. I can't wait to see how he escapes from the dungeon.

Need to know more about Eric. He's very sexy, especially when he tears his victim apart while he's having his hair cellophaned. Did any guys catch this detail? Bet not.

Last but not least is the "annoying" teenage vampire and her "adopted" parents. Absolutely hysterical with endless story line possibilities. I read that she has brought out the Brian Keith in Bill. Brilliant!

I love this show. The writing is spot on and the directing is superb. Why are vampires so sexy? I've read all of Anne Rice's vampire books. Can't get enough of them. I could eat them up! Maybe LeStat will make a cameo appearance.