Thursday, May 21, 2009

AI Finale: Oops!

This is why we don't bet big in Vegas folks! Kris Allen, low key alt-folk cutie pie beat the harder edged, showier Adam Lambert to become this year's American Idol. No one was more shocked than Kris. At the end of the day, it probably doesn't matter. Lack of the top spot has never hurt Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson. And it never helped Taylor Hicks, whose career never took off in spite of getting the crown.

I'll tell you what this really means, for once and for all. The results really are based on voting, and not the whims of Fox producers or executives. Adam was clearly the favorite of the judges, so the fact that Kris won means that votes mattered. Teen girls can text faster than anyone on Earth, and now they have spoken by giving their darling Kris the top spot.

Farewell until next year, American Idol TV show obsession! Next up: a review for "Glee". It was exhilarating!


Scott said...

Adam really should have won, even if in my posts I say part of me supported Kris. But Kris really is a lightweight in comparison. But he may be managed and produced into a winning series of singles. Especially if he signs with Jive. If he goes with RCA he'll need to come up with a really winning album, and that's tough to do these days. Cook had done 7 albums before Idol and took the reins. From an interview with Fox 11 it sounds like Adam may have signed with a label already. If so, it shows that Simon Fuller was planning big things for him regardless of him winning.

Finally, you're right about the tweens. The only reason they didn't put Archie over the top is that Cook's middle aged female voters really stepped up the the plate as fangirls and outdid them. It was an anomoly. Lambert wasn't able to latch on to that kind of fanbase. He'll do fine though.

Jane said...

Unlike the Academy Awards, Price Waterhouse or any other 3rd party does not oversee the voting. It is what it is. One person could vote 30000 times and they each count. May the best phone texter win. I've never cared about any of that. I just loved the show because at the end of the day, as a music lover, Simon's comments were fascinating and compelling. If he leaves, the show is over.