Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Only Contest Left: Adam Lambert vs. Susan Boyle

I'm going to cut to the chase here. Everyone knows that Adam will win (and deserves to win) American Idol. And everyone knows and hopes that Susan Boyle will win (and deserves to win) Britain's Got Talent (Holy smoke, over 100+ million video views and counting!)

Why don't we just agree to have a final televised performance with the two of them right now? Actually, that should happen even if they don't win their respective contests. Yeah, they don't seem to have much in common...(other than that they are both show tune geniuses) and they are of different demographics (so what, young and old alike adore both of them). One has crazy frizzy natural hair and one has processed black Fall Out Boy indie rock hair. Never mind all that. Adam and Susan would make for a great pair on television because they have (are we allowed to say it?)...talent. Oh yes...raw, pulsating, unexpected, make you stop before you leave the TV set for the bathroom talent. The camera loves Adam's young movie star looks and stage moves, as much as it loves Susan's genuine frumpy "never been kissed" middle aged cat lady vibes. What do they have in common? They can both sing like there's no tomorrow. And make us believe in something less dreary than the drudgery of the day.

Simon Cowell, are you listening? Bring them together for us. It's time for a global moment, can you make it happen?


Scott said...

I think Adam is an amazing talent... but I don't count out Chris Allen yet! He hasn't been as consistent, but on his good nights (and tonight was one of his best) I get from him the clearest picture of what his records will be like and what kind of recording artist he'll be. He'll be pop, and I'm not a fan of pop, but I love his voice and his looks LOL! I just don't count him out. I'm TOTALLY over Danny Gokey. Adam will likely win. I see movies in his future. Broadway if he wants it, but movies for sure. As a recording artist, I'm not sure. Prince? George Michael? Something new and different? We'll see!

Scott said...

I have to add this, since so many (including my own sister) feel compelled to compare Adam with David Cook. I'm actually repeating this comment made to a post from last Friday:

As I want to, I really don't love Adam's voice! It's powerful, it's unique, it's pitch perfect, but that high register he sings in just doesn't do it for me. David Cook has a 15 step, 2 1/2 octave range that goes from high baritone to mid-tenor to full chest falsetto. He can go "gravely" or "smoothe." And it generates alpha waves in my brain. Not so with Adam. He should win - he's clearly the most talented and seasoned. His stage presence is amazing. He's seems like a great guy and I would LOVE an out, gay winner. But he's not David Cook. :)

Jane said...

I look at Adam as a performer and David Cook as a true musician. I appreciate both of them for what they are, but they are completely different. I see Adam as more of a Freddy Mercury figure...amazing voice with a wide octave range, over the top stage presence. I think he could do anything.

That said, this season of AI has dragged on way too long. I have a slight case of AI fatigue!