Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back... and have so much to say....

Hi!  Remember me?  I'm a little person who used to write things here.  But then David Cook came along and swept me into his universe and I became a junkie on davidcookofficial.com.  OK, I'm still addicted, but I can no longer resist the pull of The Flaming Nose.

I just can't sit idly by without commending Lisa & Jane for their amazing Star Trekification of this site!  Bravo and kudos gals!  

I also must weigh in on Grey Gardens.  I loved it.  This is a true "actors movie." The directing and cinematography were solid.  I'm sure the editing was superb. But what I remember is the acting.  I was completely engrossed by the performances of Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.  Perhaps more so by Jessical Lange - an actress whose understated but convincing performances have impressed me for years.  Nice job by Jeanne Tripplehorn as Jackie O. As for the documentary, that was more about the oddity of it all.  The movie did what movies need to do:  draw you in, make you empathize with the characters, and finish it off with a touch of sentimentality.   I did find one thing lacking in the movie.  They brushed over the women's descent into pack-rat wack-jobs.  We know why it happened.  We see how it happened.  But the transition from the daughter's dejected return from NYC to Grey Gardens to the cloistered life was abrupt.  It worked, but it could have worked better.  Like I said, this movie was all about the acting, and that was enough for me to give it an A-.

Ok, that's it for now.  I never did my summary of fantastic reality TV from the past year (with special props to Top Chef, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway and America Idol).  I'll have to get working on that.   It's too late for a 2008 yearender!  (*hides head in shame and slinks away).

I will jump in weekly on American Idol 8 for the rest of the season, and I still feel compelled to bring you updates from last season's fantastic winner.  David Cook is in the middle of his sold out, triumphant Declaration Tour, and I've already been to 2 shows in Atlantic City.  Going to a 3rd one in Del Mar in June.  I will provide youtube clips to some of his best performances, and introduce you to his band (which will be getting a name this summer).  He is one of last year's biggest TV stars, and so he holds a place here on The Flaming Nose.  And in my heart!  And for you Trek fans, David's lead guitarist Neal Tiemann is a HUGE Star Trek fan (especially TNG); he even has a nice tattoo of Worf on his bicep!  That practically makes him kin!  Want to see? Click Worf tattoo


Jane said...

Welcome back Scott! We have missed your colorful commentary! The Nose embraces all Prodigal Posters, and would like to remind you all that there is no time like today to come back to the fold and tell us what you think of TV.

Lisa said...

Indeed! Welcome Back, Scott! We missed you so much!!!