Monday, March 2, 2009

"Demon Woman" from Flight of the Conchords

HBO's terrific comedy-with-music The Flight of the Conchords is on a sex-ay streak! The boys from New Zealand -- Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie -- are getting more than their fair share of seriously deranged romance with some super guest star ladies in their latest episodes. Last week in "Love is a Weapon of Choice" it was Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig as BrahBrah, an epileptic-dog loving lass, who dated both guys (even though thinking they were gay), causing Bret and Jemaine to hilariously compete for her affection. In last night's "Prime Minister" 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub was on board as an Art Garfunkle-loving siren who cajoled Jemaine into romancing her while dressed as the curly-haired singer (after he and Bret had done a Simon and Garfunkle lookalike gig).

Here's the bewitchingly amusing "Demon Woman" song from last night's episode:

We need to send out some more Flaming Nose kudos to the always-entertaining Kristen Schaal as Mel, the Conchords most devoted fan. We love her ever-more sweetly bizarre sexual fantasies about the fellas, such as her suggestive oil paintings and her photoshopped vision of Bret, Jemaine, and their love child. Schaal's a consummate comedian in her own right, and you'll want to check out her web series "Penelope Princess of Pets" where she stars with comedy partner Kurt Braunohler.

What's not to love about Flight of the Conchords? We love Rhys Darby as their manager Murray, who tried so valiantly last night to get Bruce, the New Zealand Prime Minister, in to see Pres. Obama. We're also consistently tickled by Arj Barker's profane and delightful Dave, friend of the Conchords. Let's not forget about Murray's colleague at the New Zealand tourist office, the long-suffering Greg, played wonderfully by Tony Award-winning actor Frank Wood. He's always a treat and was admirably on display in last night's episode and many others this season, notably "The Tough Brets".

At this now more-than-halfway point through FotC's second season, let's hope we're going to hear a third season announcement very soon! As we've reported before, there's been talk that the show is so labor-intensive that the creative team wasn't sure future seasons were feasible. We're sure that they know their efforts are appreciated by Flight of the Conchords fans everywhere!

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Jane said...

Loved it! Another winner. Who wants to go see them when they start their US tour? (I do!!!!)